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The Disability Assessment Research Clinic (DARC) services the state of Arizona by providing individuals with comprehensive evaluations to assist in diagnosis, treatment recommendations, and coordination of care.

DARC has been in operation since 1994. In that time, the clinic has conducted more than 4,000 comprehensive, integrated psycho/social, neuropsychological, medical and vocational assessments directly related to assisting numerous public, private, state and federal programs in their work with individuals with medical, physical, mental, psychological, neuropsychological and psychiatric disabilities.

Current Services

While DARC continues to provide medical, psychological and vocational services, the major focus is on assisting disabled persons in their effort to obtain employment, post-secondary education, and other various benefits such as social security disability determination.

Other objectives of DARC

  • Assisting individuals in making valid decisions regarding rehabilitation planning related to re-employment, further education and/or training;
  • Minimizing the medical, social and legal impact of work injuries, determining future employment potential; and assisting individuals who are identified as unable to return to work in obtaining economic support through long-term disability and/or social security.
  • Providing state and local organizations with various psychological, neuropsychological, and psychoeducational evaluations.
  • ​DARC Community Services (downloadable PDF)

The University of Arizona Arthritis Center
Disability Assessment Research Clinic
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(520) 626-2982


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Disability Assessment Research Clinic Staff

Director, Disability Assessment Research Clinic
Licensed Psychologist

Disability Examiner and Consultant

Emeritus Professor and Consultant
Board Certified Forensic Examiner

Administrative Assistant