Living Healthy With Arthritis Community Outreach and Education

With support from the Susan and Saul Tobin Endowment for Research and Education in Rheumatology, the University of Arizona Arthritis Center’s Living Healthy With Arthritis (LHWA) community outreach and education program empowers those in communities throughout our state suffering from rheumatic disease to lead healthy, independent lives. 

Bringing the message of healthy living to participants from every race, socioeconomic and educational background continues to provide hope for a future in which all will have access to the tools necessary to live meaningful, healthy lives.  Partnering with physicians, researchers and scientists from the University of Arizona Arthritis Center (UAAC), the LHWA program continues to develop the most current and necessary outreach information to provide to its participants.  Home to the top rheumatologists and researchers in the state and across the nation, the UAAC provides innovative educational techniques to participants in the LHWA program.

The LHWA outreach education and outreach programs include the Tucson Lecture Series, the LHWA Annual Conference and the LHWA Canyon Ranch Active program.  These dynamic programs feature experts in the fields of rheumatology, orthopaedics, immunology, integrative medicine, geriatrics, epidemiology, public health, exercise physiology/fitness, nutritional sciences, podiatry, biomechanics and other disciplines.  Each program is dedicated to the goal of bettering the lives of those suffering from the debilitating effects of rheumatic disease. 

With the unique ability to empower patients, caregivers, and family members in the management of both lifestyle and disease, the combination of education, expertise and support offered by the LHWA program is unmatched.  The economics of healthcare and disease management continue to skyrocket, while access to critically needed information in disease prevention and life skills remains a steadfast need.  Knowledge and support continue to pave the way for informed decision making in the lives of the 55 million Americans suffering the debilitating effects of rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases.  As we look to the future and through the eyes of those affected with arthritis, our efforts continue to be far-reaching.  Until the ultimate goal of finding a cure for arthritis is discovered, we look to serve Arizonans with the most comprehensive tools and support available.

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