UArizona Arthritis Center Presents 'Culinary Medicine: Harnessing the Power of Food as Medicine'

Apr 10, 2023

On Saturday, May 6, 2023, the University of Arizona Arthritis Center will host the 2023 Living Healthy With Arthritis Symposium. The symposium is presented to the public via livestream and will be led by keynote presenter Dr. Melanie Hingle. Dr. Hingle serves as Principal Investigator of 'Culinary Medicine': A University of Arizona Initiative, and holds the following titles:
Nutrition Scientist and Public Health Researcher, UArizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Assistant Dean, UArizona College of Agriculture and Life Sciences
Associate Professor, UArizona School of Nutritional Sciences, Mel and Enid Zuckerman College of Public Health and the Bio5 Institute

About the Keynote Presentation, 'Culinary Medicine: Harnessing the Power of Food as Medicine':
Culinary medicine uses nutrition science and behavioral medicine to best suit the needs and preferences of an individual, while taking into account their cultural traditions and beliefs, budget, and other personal circumstances that play a role in dietary decision-making. Research has found associations between chronic inflammation and diseases including arthritis, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and many other common illnesses. The anti-inflammatory diet is a crucial part of mitigating risk for diet-sensitive conditions and working to prevent them.

This year, we are privileged to welcome Dr. Melanie Hingle as the Eva M. Holtby Endowed Keynote speaker. In her presentation, 'Culinary Medicine: Harnessing the Power of Food as Medicine', Dr. Hingle will discuss ways that proper nutrition can help to prevent chronic disease, pain, and inflammation, and share key information on the anti-inflammatory diet. A culinary demonstration will follow the Symposium Keynote, offering viewers practical examples of the concepts addressed in 'Culinary Medicine'.
Livestream participants may log on at anytime during the Symposium to view and listen to any or all segments presented throughout the day.

To view the symposium agenda and register, please click on the title below:

Culinary Medicine: Harnessing the Power of Food as Medicine