Core Lectures (Twice weekly during the first two months of the academic year)

The goal of these lectures is to provide a base of fundamental knowledge in rheumatology for first-year fellows and a refresher course for second-year fellows. During the first two months of the academic year, “core” topics in rheumatology are presented on a weekly basis, covering the basic concepts of inflammatory arthritis, physical examination skills, and introduction to the major rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases, and other pertinent topics. For specific core lecture topics, please click here.

Core Curriculum Conference (Weekly)

The objective of this conference is to provide the knowledge base necessary for the clinical practice of rheumatology. The two-year series of topics includes discussion of chapters from Kelley and Firestein’s Textbook of Rheumatology.  Each week, a chapter is assigned to a facilitator (fellow or faculty member) who writes a quiz to guide the discussion.  The quiz is open book and meant to encourage reading and active participation.  The goal is to cover the entire book over each two-year period. Other sessions include review of topics in immunology, pertinent ACR slides, and CARE questions for board preparation.

Journal Club (Biweekly)

The objective of this conference is to foster critical appraisal of the medical literature and to teach and reinforce the principles of evidence-based medicine. A fellow and attending pair together to select and critique an article of interest from the rheumatology literature.  These sessions are designed to improve critical interpretation of study results and understanding of different study designs, along with providing a review of relevant statistical approaches.  A biostatistician from the Arthritis Center assists with the interpretation of the article of interest.

Rheumatology Grand Rounds (Weekly)

The objective of this didactic conference is to provide a) comprehensive discussion of a specific topic with a relevant case and question followed by an in-depth discussion of the relevant medical literature or b) a more limited review of two difficult or interesting cases that present a diagnostic or management challenge. Cases may be selected from those seen on the inpatient consultation service or in outpatient clinics. Fellows, rheumatology or other faculty from the University of Arizona, and visiting faculty take turns as scheduled presenters. Visiting faculty present two endowed lectures per year. The conference is attended by fellows, rheumatology faculty, other interested faculty/trainees, staff from the UA Arthritis Center, and rheumatologists from the community.  For more Grand Rounds information, please click here.

Medical Imaging Conference (Weekly)

The objective of this conference is to foster competence in interpreting imaging studies (plain radiographs, ultrasound CT, MRI images) and appropriate use of imaging procedures. The focus is on musculoskeletal radiology although the spectrum of imaging studies needed for the evaluation and/or management of patients with rheumatic and musculoskeletal diseases is also covered. Fellows or faculty provide a brief case summary and a question of interest. The conference is attended by fellows, rheumatology faculty, a musculoskeletal radiology fellow and a musculoskeletal radiology faculty member.

Works-in-Progress Research Conference (Monthly)

The objective of this conference is to provide education in the principles of research and the varied approaches to solving research questions. Fellows, rheumatology faculty, Arthritis Center-affiliated faculty and trainees, and residents from the Rheumatology Interest and Research Group present planned, ongoing or completed research projects to obtain feedback on projects. These may include presentations from national or international meetings.

Multi-specialty Conferences (Quarterly)

The objective of this conference is to provide education in the pathologic manifestations of rheumatologic diseases and to foster a multidisciplinary approach to complex rheumatic disease patients. Three times a year, we review cases with general pathologic findings of interest with a Pathology faculty member. Twice annually, we review cases with renal pathologic findings of interest with a renal pathologist, nephrology faculty and Nephrology fellows. Quarterly, we review ILD cases with lung pathology and/or lung imaging findings of interest with pulmonary faculty, pulmonary fellows, cardiothoracic imaging faculty, and cardiothoracic imaging fellows. Twice annually, we review cases with dermatopathologic findings of interest with a dermatopathologist, dermatology faculty and dermatology residents.

Rheumatology Interest and Research Group: (Once every 1-2 months)

This is an informal meeting with Internal Medicine Residents who are interested in pursuing rheumatology as a career. Residents participate in case reports, presentations at the Arizona American College of Physicians meeting, a research project or quality improvement project. Fellows help provide mentorship to residents on these projects. Previous residents have been invited to give podium and poster presentations at the Annual Meeting of the American College of Rheumatology.