The University of Arizona Division of Rheumatology and the University of Arizona Arthritis Center combine their efforts and resources to provide fellows with a rich learning experience in clinical rheumatology as well as research into the diagnosis, pathogenesis, and treatments of rheumatic diseases.

Training Clinicians

Traditional inpatient consulting services in rheumatology are available. Faculty rheumatologists operate teaching clinics in the Banner - University Medicine Clinics as well as the Southern Arizona Veteran's Administration Healthcare facility in Tucson.

We also sponsor unique clinics that travel to some of the local American Indian Nations in Arizona and provide care for the tribal members on these reservations. This is available on a monthly basis for fellows to attend, and is an excellent way to learn, travel, and deliver health care all at the same time. It also offers an in-depth association with the faculty that are attending these clinics.

Grand rounds are held weekly, and include a variety of clinically-based topics. Radiology conferences held in conjunction with the faculty from the Department of Radiology are also held on a weekly basis. Pathology conferences are held quarterly. The University of Arizona Arthritis Center members also attend and participate in an annual statewide rheumatology conference, typically held amid the red rocks of Sedona, Arizona.  All of these allow for a unique xperience in rheumatology, with a broad spectrum of diseases and generous contact with teaching faculty.

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Training Scientists

The University of Arizona Arthritis Center has a rich and dynamic group of scientists leading projects ranging from basic to translational science.  We also have a strong clinical rheumatology research program.

The various labs at the University of Arizona Arthritis Center have hands-on scientific training opportunities available for undergraduate students under the University of Arizona Undergraduate Biology Research Program (UBRP).  In addition, fellowships may be available for graduate and postdoctoral students.  Visiting scholar programs at the Center may also be available. 

Our labs focus on rheumatic and autoimmune diseases, such as systemic lupus erythematosus, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, ankylosing spondylitis, juvenile idiopathic arthritis, and Sjogren’s syndrome; orthopedic bioengineering topics, including analysis of the weight bearing loads on joints during exercise and the development of innovative tools to regenerate and remodel bone and cartilage; and bioinformatics.

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