Endowed Lectures/Visiting Professors

The Eric P. Gall, MD Endowed Lectureship

The late Eric P. Gall, MD

Established in 2015, the Eric P. Gall, MD, Endowed Lectureship recognizes the noteworthy and innovative teaching techniques of late UA Arthritis Center co-founder Eric P. Gall, MD. Dr. Gall was the founder of the University of Arizona's Rheumatology Fellowship Training Program and served on the UA Curriculum Committee in a variety of roles. He was also Chairman of the UA Comprehensive Curriculum Analysis and Planning Project whose work resulted in the rollout of a new medical school curriculum in the mid-1990's. His NIH-funded research in medical education led to the use of patients with arthritis as teachers to students and physicians conducting evaluation of rheumatic illnesses. He created an annual program titled ‘Introduction to Clinical Medicine Physical Exam Experience in Rheumatic Disease' which allows medical students, residents and fellows to interact with current patients diagnosed with applicable diseases. This type of education continues to be used in the University of Arizona College of Medicine – Tucson and throughout the country. Dr. Gall served on a number of MS and PhD thesis defense committees, all with successful outcomes. During his career, he mentored more than 75 residents and fellows.

Gall Lecture Presenters:

2024: Richard S. Panush, MD, MACP, MACR, University of Southern California (retired) 
"Rheumatic Diseases in Art, History and Literature"

2023: Karina D. Torralba, MD, Loma Linda University
"Psychological Safety in Clinical Medicine" (please click to view lecture recording)

2022: Richard D. Brasington, MD, Washington University (retired) 
“Reflections Upon 36 Years as an Academic Clinician Educator”

2020: Terry Wolpaw, MD, MPHE, Pennsylvania State University
“Disruption, Education and Innovation” (please click to view lecture recording)

2018: Sterling West, MD, University of Denver
“The Best in Med Ed: What’s New, What Works?” (please click ti view lecture recording)

2017: George 'Geordie' Lawry, MD, University of California - Irvine
“Clinical Skill Development: Two ‘New’ Approaches to Finding Our Way Back Home”
2016: Marian Hannan, PhD, Harvard University
“Lateral Thinking on Population Health: Bridging the Distance Between What the Public Wants and What We Deliver”

2015: Kate Lorig, PhD, Stanford University
“Patient Centered Arthritis Care: More Than Just Words”

The Eva M. Holtby Endowed Lectureship

Eva M. Holtby Endowed Presenter Said Ibrahim, MD, PhD, with Arthritis Center Director C. Kent Kwoh, MD

The Eva M. Holtby Endowed Lecture was created in honor of the founder of the Friends of the University of Arizona Arthritis Center, Eva M. Holtby.  Mrs. Holtby's outreach to the Tucson community led to a wide circle of admiring friends drawn to her strong leadership skills and her caring for those in need.  It was her steadfast leadership and vision that gave birth to the concept that through education, public awareness and community involvement, organizations such as the Friends of the UAAC could build community support and make significant contributions to improving the lives of those affected by arthritis.  This mission has become the cornerstone for the diversified efforts of the members of the Friends for more than 20 years.  

Holtby Lecture Presenters:

2023: Melanie Hingle, PhD, MPH, RD, the University of Arizona 
2022: Mindy Fain, MD; Kathleen Insel, PhD, RN; Janko Nikolich-Zugich, MD, PhD, the University of Arizona 
2021: Jordan Karp, MD, the University of Arizona
2020: Donata Vercelli, MD, the University of Arizona 
2019: Kenneth Ramos, MD, PhD, PharmB, the University of Arizona
2018: Said Ibrahim, MD, PhD, Cornell University
2017: Clifford Rosen, MD, Tufts University
2016: Ted Mikuls, MD, the University of Nebraska
2015: Edward Yelin, PhD, University of California - San Francisco
2014: Amye Leong, MBA, The Global Alliance for Musculoskeletal Health
2013: Esther Sternberg, MD, the University of Arizona
2012: Peter Simkin, MD, the University of Washington
2011: David Fox, MD, the University of Michigan
2010: James Louie, MD, UCLA
2009: Don Goldenberg, MD, Tufts University
2008: Robert Inman, MD, Toronto Western Hospital
2007: John Revelle, MD, University of Texas
2006: Eric Gall, MD, Chicago Medical School, Rosalind Franklin
2005: Rowland Moskowitz, MD, Case Western University
2004: Ilona Szer, MD, Children’s Hospital of San Diego

The Southwestern Clinic and Research Institute (SCARI) Endowed Lectureship

Inaugural SCARI Endowed Presenter James Louie, MD

Established in 2015, the SCARI Endowed Lectureship recognizes over 80 years of research collaboration between the Southwestern Clinic and Research Institute and the University of Arizona Arthritis Center.  

Motivated by a deep concern for patients with progessive, crippling arthritis, Drs. W. Paul Holbrook and Donald F. Hill conceived of a research institute that would encompass both clinical studies and basic research to better understand the etiology underlying Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Drs. Donald Hill and Paul Holbrook started an arthritis clinic in the 1930s in Tucson, which was a major treatment center because the climate brings symptom relief. At the time, little was known about the disease. The doctors also created a research organization in an effort to improve treatment. They secured funding from well-known philanthropists such as J.D. Rockefeller and sources including the U.S. Public Health Service.  

The clinic gained prominence for patient treatment as well. In 1951, famous French painter Raoul Dufy presented Hill and Holbrook with “Hoedown” as a token of gratitude for their care during his vacation to Tucson. A replica of this work hangs on the walls of the University of Arizona Arthritis Center. 

The excellence in research and patient care established by SCARI, its physicians and researchers continues today.

SCARI Lecture Presenters:

2024: Clifford J. Rosen, MD, Tufts University 
2023: Matlock Jeffries, MD, University of Oklahoma
2021: Richard Furie, MD, Hofstra University/Northwell Health
2020: Christopher Hernandez, PhD, Cornell University 
2018: Peter Nigrovic, MD, Harvard University
2017: V. Michael Holers, MD, University of Colorado
2016: James S. Louie, MD, UCLA