SCARI People

'Hoedown' by Raoul Dufy

Raoul Dufy - In 1951, famous French painter Raoul Dufy presented Hill and Holbrook with 'Hoedown' as a token of gratitude for their care during his vacation to Tucson. 

Dr. Donald Hill - Co-Founder of SCARI.

Dr. W. Paul Holbrook - Co-Founder of SCARI.

James Lewis Parsons - Past president of SCARI.

Alice Borden Stanfield -  Long-time SCARI researcher.

Charles A. L. Stephens, Jr., MD - Physician of the Holbrook-Hill Clinic and SCARI in the 1960s. Stephens and his wife Suzanne made a contribution to bolster the College of Medicine’s resources in this area. They gave a total of more than $6 million to create an endowed chair of rheumatology and a research fund. The Stephens’ gifts were made in 1993 but remained anonymous until Suzanne passed away in 2004.

Dr. Steven Strong, Former SCARI president.